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Savings currency
Interest calculation
1 year
1 year
3 years
400 000
400 k
1.5 mln
*Investments are accepted in the ruble equivalent at the exchange rate.
Monthly income Investment offer
Term of savings Rubles U.S. dollars Euro
1 year 12,00% 4,00% 4,00%
2 years 12,15% 4,15% 4,15%
3 years 12,25% 4,25% 4,25%
Payment of interest
*The specified rate is a marketing calculation of the possible profitability when calculating a rate corresponding to the monthly interest payment, with their capitalization ( accrued interest to the amount of investments)

Returns are higher than in the bank with the same level of safety*


Industry expertise and monitoring of portfolio companies


Your savings
are insured**


Safety - we are the member of the SRO "Tsentralnoye Kreditnoye Obyedineniye"*


Professional financial support

*According to the portal **Read full information about insurance in section Information disclosure

Safe in multiple currencies

  • Accumulate your savings in rubles, U.S. dollars, euros and pounds sterling to hedge yourself from currency fluctuations
  • Convert your savings into other currencies without losing accumulated interest. Without commission and at a rate close to the market rate
  • Turn conventional savings into multicurrency ones and add a new currency at any time.

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Invest with Nexus and earn more

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